Is Your Business Website Holding You Back? Uncover the Hidden Website Pitfalls

by | Web Development, Website Build

In this digitally-driven era, your business website serves as a virtual storefront that can either draw in prospective customers or turn them away. However, it’s not uncommon for businesses to experience lower-than-expected lead conversion rates, and the root cause could be your website’s deficiencies.

If you are in business you need a website that converts visitors into customers. If it is not doing that, it’s just like a book gathering dust on a shelf.

Here are some potential problems that may be driving customers away from your website and away from working with you:

The Absence of a Contact Form

A key element missing from many business websites is a user-friendly contact form. As simple as it sounds, a contact form is a lead conversion powerhouse. It provides a seamless way for potential customers to get in touch, inquire about your services, or request a quote. Without this, you could be losing valuable prospects who prefer a quick, direct method to reach out.

Lack of Autoresponder for Install Quotes

An autoresponder for install quotes is an indispensable tool for any business. It enables a swift response to any query or quote request, providing immediate feedback to the customer. In doing so, it sets the customer’s expectations and keeps them engaged with your business, increasing the likelihood of conversion. You can use the autoresponder to set the process for quotes in action and direct your prospective customers to other offers or pages on your website.

Subpar Content Quality

The quality of your website’s content isn’t just about being engaging or compelling. It’s also a crucial factor in your Google ranking. SEO-optimised content drives organic traffic to your site and provides value to your visitors, thereby enhancing your brand reputation and visibility. Ensuring your content is regularly updated, valuable, and relevant could be the difference between landing on the first page of search results or being lost on the World Wide Web.

Work with a reputable digital marketing agency or web development company to audit your website. These services are normally free and give you invaluable insight into how your website ranks and what you can do to improve its responsiveness.

Lack of Professional Photos

Authentic, professionally taken and edited photos of your team can do wonders for your brand image. They create an emotional connection, allowing customers to put faces to names and fostering a sense of trust and familiarity. Poor quality or absence of such photos can create an impersonal experience, deterring potential customers.

Inadequate Follow-up Process Description

Finally, clarity regarding your follow-up process after receiving a quote request is paramount. This process, clearly stated on your website, assures prospective customers about the steps that follow their inquiry. This transparency can significantly boost their confidence in your services, fostering trust and thereby increasing conversions.

Ask yourself, how many leads did I get from my website last month?

If your website is not set up properly, money that you are spending on marketing through digital or traditional means may just be going down the drain. A lacklustre non responsive website that turns people away at the first turn is costing you money. Invest time with a reputable digital marketing or web development company to do an audit on your website, before you invest in SEO, SEM or advertising that directs customers to your website.

Your business website should be an effective tool to drive growth, but only if executed correctly. By ensuring a user-friendly contact form, implementing an autoresponder, maintaining high-quality, SEO-optimised content, using professional photos, and clearly stating your follow-up process, your website can be transformed into a powerful lead generation platform that consistently attracts and converts prospective customers.

Cheryl Jowitt is co-founder of Rebel Connect PL, a family owned and operated Australian business that provides total marketing solutions. Rebel Connect clients have access to advertising across the company’s radio networks, Rebel FM & the Breeze and Rebel Agency, a digital marketing solutions company providing website development, SEM and social media marketing strategies.